• 1. HTML
  • 2. Javascript
  • 3. PHP
  • 4. SQL
  • 5. Node.js
  • 6. Swift
  • 7. Java
  • 8. Python

Regular Language Skills

Though English is my primary language, I have the ability to comprehend a little bit of Spanish and other languages. While most people don't believe that knowledge of an array of regular human languages is of any particular importance to a Long Island software developer or Long Island software engineer, I share an avid enthusiasm in them nonetheless, and would love to learn to speak more of them as time goes on.


Programming Language Skills

As shown in the chart above, I am particularly adept at HTML, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Node.js. As we progress to languages such as Swift and Java, my proficiency takes a minor dip but remains quite strong nonetheless. As a python programmer in Long Island, I am well above average, though not as proficient as with the above languages.


In an identity-driven world, it is far too easy to get caught up in definitions. We try so hard to put a label on things, so much so that in the end, we stand the risk of losing the things in themselves. Don't get me wrong, labels are important, but what I believe in is simple. I believe nothing is impossible.

What that means to me is that there isn't any problem without its solution. You just have to be determined enough to solve it. Luckily, I have solved a lot of problems in the past, and hope to solve a lot more in the future. Here, I hope to share as much of the resources that once helped me solve these problems, both as a Long Island freelance web designer to a lead software engineer in Long Island, and take you along as we solve new ones together.

Not only will I be sharing the detailed processes behind my creations as a Long Island web designer, I will always be dishing some guide and advice based on my years of experience as a Long Island software developer.

  • Ken Key -  Long Island Custom Web Developer

    My love for creation pushed me towards a profound love for all things architecture. This, in turn, left me with a strong belief that I was destined to become an architect in the future. I'd make use of rulers, compasses and protractors to try to bring to life structural creative ideas that formed vividly in my mind back then.

    I'd create futuristic designs of offices and houses until I graduated from rulers and compasses and moved on to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

    I still enjoy the creative process till this day, but before I began to code I dabbled a little in hardware.

  • Ken Key -  Long Island Software Engineer

    It didn't take long for me to develop a great love for computers, and once I discovered just how endless the potential for creating is on these devices, my passion took a slight shift from creating with them, to actually creating them.
    I began to build my own computers.
    With the starry-eyed enthusiasm of a love-struck teenager, I'd tear down computer parts and mod gaming consoles. I'd root my phone and strip down toys just to test how far they could go.

    With time, I got a full understanding of what made them tick. It was an exhilarating experience, one that would serve as a great influence on my designs till date.

  • Ken Key -  Long Island Advanced Website Designer

    Coding for me began as a super gradual journey. I knew I had the fire burning inside me to bring certain things to life. I just couldn't do that yet.

    It was alright, though. I understood that before I start to make my own creations from scratch, I have to spend a good deal of time learning from the blueprint others have already created.

    So I spent days, months, and tears learning to modify code and tinker with them to bring my own visions to life. The journey was a quite frustrating one. I failed over and over again, but I learnt something that has proven quite invaluable through my years as a web development on Long Island. I learned persistence.

    And in the end, with each language learned, the next one became easier. With each successful creation, the next project becomes less daunting. And finally it hit me, and I carved out my core tenet that drives me till this day: impossible is nothing!

  • Ken Key -  Long Island Web Developer

    As a Long Island website developer or Long Island software engineer, you're never quite done learning. The world itself is constantly evolving, and if you ever hope to keep up, you also have to evolve with it. Everyday is a learning experience in web development on Long Island.

    As both a father and an individual, my aim now is to keep learning and enriching the world with the fruit of the knowledge attained.

    I hope to inspire others just as I was inspired. I hope to motivate others just as I was motivated. And above all, I hope to touch lives and make the task of existence a more pleasant affair thanks to my creations.


  • 2018 - Today

  • Software Engineer

  • Open Source Developer

  • Wordpress Plugin Developer

    long island wordpress developer
  • Wordpress, Famous UI, etc

  • All my journey in Long Island web development, right from childhood creating futuristic designs with pen and paper, to my years as a middle school teacher and as a Long Island freelancer web developer, led me to where I am today - a full-blown software engineer/open source developer with a significant number of impressive projects already under my bet.

    Among these are social media marketing tools and Famous UI. Social media marketing tools are specialized resources for marketers and content creators to gain access to important tools and data, which in turn, make building a solid following on Instagram a much easier process.

    Famous UI, on the other hand, is a specially designed framework for web designers and software developers to further optimize their performance, while facilitating a higher level of control, flexibility, and simplicity.

    I strongly believe that every step of my journey, up to this point in the entire process, has been a piece of a puzzle I needed to get together to finally achieve my dreams of not only being a Long Island web developer but being a full-blown senior software engineer. The sky, I feel, is only the starting point.

  • 2015 - 2018

  • Long Island Software Engineer

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Market Resource Partners

  • For three years of my life I was a Long Island senior software engineer at Market Resource Partners, a market research and analytics company. My job as a senior software engineer was generally divided into two major categories - innovation and maintenance. On the maintenance side of things, my primary goal was to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of all softwares and technology related activities. This also involved making sure that all of these were well optimized, ready for use whenever the need surfaced, and just as ready to scale on demand.

    On the innovative side of things, however, the job required a little bit more of an acute sense of creativity which involved identifying deficiencies in the system, and coming up with practical solutions and new innovations to fix these problems.

    Both of these fascinating aspects of the job gave me a great dose of much-needed experience which continues to shape and guide my approach to problem solving and system maintenance till date.

  • 2011 - 2015

  • Full Stack Developer

    Long Island Full Stack Developer
  • Enter: Marketing

  • My years of being a Long Island freelance web designer, as fruitful as they were, had to come to an end after 2 years. I moved on to become a Long Island full stack web developer in a fast-paced environment where Object Oriented Programming became an absolute necessity. This, in turn, forced me to sharpen my skills more than ever. I learned and challenged myself on a daily basis, and was able to come up with a lot of the great tenets that continue to drive my ambitions till this very moment.

  • 2010 - 2011

  • Computer Teacher

  • Upper Room Christian School

  • I've always heard about how teaching can be a very rewarding experience. Luckily, I was able to experience this feeling firsthand while I was a Long Island middle school computer teacher in the late 2000s. There are only very few feelings in the world that transcend the joy you get when you see a child figure out a solution to a problem through your guidance and teachings. It is a true feeling of elation that I feel, in my opinion, everyone has to experience at least once in a lifetime.


I created The Internet Plug - Underground Music Videos as an avenue to help local music artists who do not have the ability, and the wherewithal to promote themselves. The Internet Plug serves as I intended it to - a portal to reach the great world beyond and help propel these creatives to a slew of audiences they would not have been able to reach otherwise.

All through the journey as a Long Island Web Developer and Long Island Web Designer, I have been blessed with the privilege of meeting and working with different music artists from all over the world, and the experience has been quite fulfilling, to say the least.

The Internet Plug - Underground Music Videos

More on Kenny Key - Long Island Web Developer

Since you're here, I might as well tell you a little bit more about Kenny Key, the Long Island web designer, and my approach and mentality towards problem-solving and decision-making.

Simplicity has always been one of my main objectives towards problem solving. A common approach employed by most people is to seek out a simple problem and try to come up with a way to make it appear even more complex. This, in the end, only leads to an unimaginably bloated system with more embellishments than substance.
My approach, on the other hand, is more of the opposite. I consider a complex problem and ask myself how to make it simpler.
This, I believe, is a principle that can apply to a wide range of challenges to be found in our everyday life.




Recent Projects that I've Built

Ken Key -  Long Island Web Developer


Ken Key -  Long Island Web Designer


Ken Key -  Long Island Senior Software Engineer


Ken Key -  Long Island Web Development Specialist



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